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What I will teach you in my DVD is how Keith and I have harvested 316 deer with arrows in MA, NH, ME, VT, CT, NY, PA and IL.  We have accomplished this without the use of guns, guides, outfitters, private reserves, island hunts, fenced in deer or exclusive rights to private property.  Anyone could have received permission in any of our spots or could have just walked into the woods and shot any of these bucks.  We do not use plastic or wooden calls, scouting cameras, scent locked suits, scent killers, or bottled buck lures.  My hunting partner; Keith Regan, and I have harvested 316 white tails in our lifetime with bow and arrows in the last twenty years with bow and arrows.  I hunt three days a week before or after work, if I am lucky, every weekend and one weeks’ vacation every year. 

Starting with where you aim at a deer, how to get a deer to stand in the exact spot you want it to stand, how to put two arrows in the same deer before it is out of bow range (and it has nothing to do with shooting fast) or shooting two arrows at the same time.  My favorites trick is one I call the SW buster.  That trick alone puts at least two deer in my freezer every year!  Another few of my favorite tricks are what I call S&S in the dark and make the harvest at dawn. 

When was the last time you learned something new in bow hunting?  I watch the so called professionals on T.V. and can't believe the rookie mistakes I see, as well as every book, magazine and T.V. show I watch.  These guys hunt on private ranches out west, baited logging roads in Texas, using food plots with tripods, or  tree stands with 8 x 8 houses on top of them and watch fifteen deer step out into a field every evening and with a gun rest, they can take their pick of bucks.  That is not how it is in the Northeast.  Most of us never have the woods to ourselves, especially during open season. 

I have shot 191 deer with a bow, 3 of those were in a field.  I find illegal bait piles every year in almost every state I hunt in.  I never touch a rub or go next to them.  I never use permanent tree stands and take my portable tree stand in and out every time I hunt.  I don't want another hunter to pollute my spots.  Most hunters walk through the woods in a new spot, see permanent tree stands and walk up to them to see why they are there.  Ninety percent of hunters ruin their spot the first time they scout or hunt it and don't even know it.  If you want to harvest 8-10 deer with a bow each season and see 5-7 eight and ten pointers each season you have to learn to go in and out of the woods without letting the deer know you are there or were there because once they know, you won't see them anymore. 

When we hunt, we keep pruning shears in our right pocket and cut off any branches that are going to touch our face, hands or any part of our exposed flesh.  We push the bush aside with the shears or bow and pick up the twigs and branches with our shears.  There is no human scent left where we walk due to SW Busta.  The trails that we cut from the trees are free from any human scent.  If you knew what SW Busta was or my boot loops tricks were and had a basic understanding of deer hunting, you would understand why I have shot so many white tails and twenty five racked bucks with arrows and those are just two of my favorite tricks. 

The last four out of seven racked bucks I have shot in the past five years have fallen to those two tricks combined.  It is tremendous to watch them cross your entrance trail and come right to your tree step, four  step and turn when you want them to.  It is also mind blowing when a three and a half year old buck shows up walking on your entrance trail, so close to dark that you can't see it and you listen to it circle your tree forty-five minutes after dark trying to figure out where you are.  My biggest deer was a 212 lb, eight point buck that came within thirty yards of my tree three times in the dark and made a rub on a tree twenty-five yards away on three different days and on the fourth time I hunted him.  It was raining and overcast and with two minutes of legal shooting light left the deer walked right to the bottom of my tree again and I shot him.  Another eight point, 173lb deer had me up in a tree for an hour and fifteen minutes after dark, circling my tree back and forth trying to find me.  The third time I hunted him that season.  He came in ten minutes of shooting light left and I shot him.  The hair stands up on my neck when you hear one of these racked bucks blowing at you as they come closer and closer and circle your tree.  It is a rush I cannot explain. 

How many friends do you have that have shot ten deer in one year with (no guns, guide or outfitter) filling multiple tags in three or four states in New England, excluding New Jersey. My former hunting partner Gus Pauk, originally from Chester NH has killed roughly 140 deer with a bow and arrow. When we met in 1986 he had shot 1. God rest his soul, he died recently to bone cancer. When I met Keith Regan in 1996, he had killed 8 deer. He's shot his 125th deer this season.

In 2011 Keith and I both won MA Bow hunters lifetime achievement award. MBA incorporated in 1978. To date, only 4 of us have won that award. It takes 100 big game animals shot with a bow and arrow to receive it. Some of the NH State bow hunting education classes have recommended my DVD to students to further learn how to bow hunt. I'm also a scorer for the North East Big Buck Club since 1996 and the area representative for MA Bow hunters Association.

I can tell you stories like you have never heard or read about. If you follow my tricks you possibly could have more deer meat than your family can eat. You have the potential of a trophy wall, like every hunter wants. My 1st DVD was made by me and my 7 and 11 year old as camera, crew and computer operators. I couldn't even turn a computer on! I am not a professional film maker. I'm just a like you guys, I work 40 hours a week, with my remodeling business and hunt when ever I can. With the success of Jim's Trix the most common request was to see Keith and I making kill shots. You can now purchase Jim's Trix 2, which includes more tricks and 12 kill shots so you can see some of the woods and area's we hunt in.
Bow hunting white-tailed deer is my passion. I have always loved nature and
the outdoors.  I have to thank my mom for getting us out of the city and into
the country when I was very young. It was great growing up next to a pond
and the woods. My next-door neighbor, Arthur Fitzgerald was a taxidermist
and a hunter. He got my father and I into hunting and fishing. When I was
sixteen, I got my hunting license and could hunt on my own. I hunted ducks,
pheasant, grouse, squirrel, woodchucks, deer and anything legal. I hunted
for years without even seeing a deer.  I shot my first deer when I was 23 in
1980, with a shotgun.

I took up bow hunting when they extended the season. I loved to talk with successful hunters and listen to their stories of how they shot deer, trying to learn more about deer hunting. A friend of mine told me about the 3-D archery shoots and took me to one. They are great practice for hunting with a bow and a lot of fun. That is where I met Jim Gallagher, my hunting partner. Jim had shot quite a few deer and some with a bow.  I was eager to learn what made him a successful bow hunter. He told me a few things I should do, like hunt from a tree stand, aim low and try to call deer. The next season, I shot my first deer with a bow and every year since then.

When I first met Jim, I had killed eight deer with guns. After learning some of his tricks, I became more successful with the bow. We were both fascinated with deer and bow hunting. We became good friends and after knowing him for four years, we began to hunt together.  The first year we hunted together, I shot eleven deer, ten with a bow and one with a shotgun.  That was the last one I shot with a gun. Now we hunt with a bow only even during the gun season. To date I have shot one hundred and forty deer, one hundred and twenty-five of them with a bow & arrow.

We love venison. We fill our freezers with it every year. We meticulously butcher our own deer and are very efficient at getting all we can from the deer, turning it into gourmet healthy meals, giving our hunts a special purpose.  Besides doe's we shoot our share of rack bucks, including a few Pope & Young class, some over 200 lbs.  We have a great respect for the white tailed deer. We have learned a lot over the years and are still learning more.

In our DVD, you will learn years of experience of trial and error, with some of our best tricks, which really work. Things like getting deer to come in close and not spooking them out of your hunting spots. Once the deer know you are hunting them, they are even harder to get.  I am confident whether you are a beginner or veteran bow hunter, you will learn from our DVD to become a better hunter.

Thanks for reading,
Shoot Straight, Good Hunting
F.Keith Regan
James Gallagher
Keith Regan
My name is Jim Gallagher. I was born in 1961 in Lawrence MA. I now live in Methuen, MA. I shot my first deer with a bow in Vermont when I was 14. My father would drive me there every weekend, and wait in the car while I hunted, because he had MS and couldn't walk. For the passion and love of the sport I taught myself how to hunt efficiently and successfully, and to date have harvested 191 deer with a bow. I've spent my lifetime testing, developing and creating an educational bow hunting DVD of my favorite secrets and techniques to help bring many years of success in hunting whitetails.
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