1.  What brand of deer lore do you use?
       I use my own product that I sell and it has been proven more effective than most

2.  How do you harvest over eight deer a season?
      I follow each of my twelve secrets in my DVD religiously.

3.  When do you scout?
       I never scout until the day I walk into the woods to harvest a deer.

4.  What brand deer call do you think is the best on the market?
       I wouldnít know.  I donít use plastic deer calls.  I address that in my DVD.

5.  What is the most # of antlered bucks that followed you to your tree stand in one season?
       Twelve on state land and it was the first season I hunted there.

6.  How often do you see other hunters where you hunt?
      Quite often.  Last season in NH , I video taped someone miss an eight pointer with a muzzle
      loader at twenty yards.  You could see the bullet hit the water.

7.  What part of the season do you like hunting the most? 
       I like opening day because it gives me opportunities at unpressured deer.

8.  Why donít you hunt with a gun?
      With my secrets I donít find it challenging enough. 

9.  How often do you horn rattle?              
       I horn rattle every hour starting in October.

10.  How often do you deer hunt?
      I try to hunt two or three days a week before or after work and every weekend.
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